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Definitive cryptocurrency and blockchain guides

We have an amazing range of detailed definitive guides on a whole range of crypto and blockchain topics. All of these guides are downloadable interactive PDF’s and are free for you to use and keep.

Here is the range of available guides and a brief description – follow the links to download the guides you want. If you have any suggestions for further definitive guides let us know!



  • How to mine, store, and trade altcoins
  • The top five altcoins on the marketplace and the benefits they deliver
  • Which five exchanges are available to altcoin traders
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  • How to successfully mine, store, and transact Bitcoin
  • Which cryptocurrency exchanges are available to Bitcoin users
  • The consequences of Bitcoin’s 2018 price crash and what the future could hold
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Bitcoin Cash

  • What a hard fork is and how it split the Bitcoin community
  • How Bitcoin Cash looks to resolve some of the limitations of Bitcoin
  • The future of BCH
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  • Why education will be key for the mass adoption of blockchain technology
  • How blockchain could revolutionise businesses by saving them time and money
  • How blockchain is transforming industries including retail, financial and energy
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Blockchain alternatives

  • Hedera Hashgraph vs. blockchain technology
  • How DAG technology seeks to resolve scalability issues
  • Why education is crucial to mainstream adoption
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Blockchain education

  • How blockchain education will unlock the door for women
  • The growth of blockchain technology training
  • The best university blockchain courses
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Blockchain in finance

  • Four huge benefits of blockchain in finances
  • How financial sector blockchain revenues are set to hit $462bn
  • 10 banks using blockchain applications
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Blockchain in gaming

  • Five ways blockchain will transform the gaming industry
  • The importance of decentralised applications
  • Current games using blockchain
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Blockchain in retail

  • Why the value of blockchain in retail markets will continue to grow
  • 5 ways blockchain technology can reshape the retail landscape
  • How retailers and customers can benefit from blockchain
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Blockchain in the Energy Industry

  • How P2P platforms are improving energy trading
  • How one company put a year’s electrical grid data on blockchain
  • How blockchain eliminates high costs
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Careers in blockchain

  • Why Blockchain topped the list of the 20 fastest-growing skills
  • How to get a job in the blockchain industry
  • How to prepare for a competency-based blockchain interview
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Consensus protocols

  • The importance of achieving consensus on the blockchain
  • The differences between PoW & PoS protocols
  • The pros and cons of each consensus algorithm
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  • What cryptocurrency is and its importance
  • How to mine, earn, store and trade crypto
  • An overview of wallets and exchanges
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Crypto security

  • How $11 million was stolen from an exchange
  • How to protect your crypto
  • How to spot a Bitcoin email scam
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Crypto trading

  • What cryptocurrency trading is
  • The different wallets and exchanges available
  • 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use trading bots
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Cryptocurrency and crime

  • Why cryptojacking rose by 44%
  • How to spot a scam and improve your levels of security
  • The benefits of different types of cryptocurrency wallets
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Cryptocurrency exchanges

  • The top five exchanges
  • The threat of cybercrime attacks
  • What cryptocurrency pairings you will be able to trade
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Cryptocurrency mining

  • The importance of cryptographic hash functions
  • The best mining strategies to use and how much they cost
  • How to mine Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, as well as the original Bitcoin
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Cryptocurrency wallets

  • How your wallet keeps your private and public keys secure
  • Five popular wallets and the features and benefits of each
  • The pros and cons of different wallet types
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  • How EOS.IO operates as a baselayer blockchain
  • Six huge benefits of EOS
  • Why EOS.IO is a popular choice for developers
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  • What Ethereum is and how smart contracts work
  • How to mine Ethereum
  • ETH vs BTC – the differences and the investment opportunities
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  • The differences between LTC & BTC
  • How to buy, sell and trade LTC
  • Why LTC’s quest for confidentiality is important for crypto
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Mimblewimble technology

  • What Mimblewimble technology is doing for blockchain efficiency
  • An overview of privacy coins
  • Why leading cryptos are implementing Mimblewimble
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Privacy coins

  • Why privacy coins exist and what governments are doing to fight them
  • The underlying privacy technologies, including Mimblewimble
  • The top five privacy coins and what they are
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  • How XRP allows faster inter-banking payments
  • What the roadmap is for each Ripple product
  • Why Ripple is hot on education and regulation
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Smart contracts

  • What smart contracts are and how they use blockchain technology
  • 5 huge benefits of smart contracts
  • Use cases across administration, healthcare, and real estate
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  • Four different models that support and back stablecoins
  • The benefits and risks of stablecoins
  • The top five stablecoins, what they are and what they’re looking to achieve
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  • The differences between security and utility tokens
  • 7 use cases of tokens
  • How tokenomics can help you to evaluate the value of tokens
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Top five cryptocurrencies

  • The top 5 cryptocurrencies and what they’re looking to achieve
  • An in-depth overview of each currency
  • Use cases for each currency and the technology they use
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Top ten cryptocurrencies

  • The top 10 cryptocurrencies and what they’re looking to achieve
  • The importance of altcoins
  • How some cryptocurrencies offer more than a transactional service
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